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Working with trading desks & media agencies can often be frustrating. The constant quest for transparency and clarification of trading terms seems like a never-ending cycle, let alone if you want to pivot on a campaign or request a specific publisher. There has to be a better way.

The AdEye Platform, whose clients include The Economist, City AM and Dennis Publishing reduces friction and operational inefficiencies between publisher and advertiser, enabling you to spend more time dedicated to audience discovery.

AdEye also ensures advertisers have complete transparency and knowledge their campaigns are being delivered into a brand safe environment.

How it Works

Advertisers can browse publishers within the AdEye Marketplace, viewing audience demographics, availability of inventory and cost of placing ads on publisher’s websites and Apps.

At this point advertisers can communicate directly with the publisher and even negotiate on proposed media campaigns.

Direct Ad Buys can then be placed via the AdEye Platform with inventory and pricing guaranteed. The advertisers in-house marketing team can then upload creative and set A/B tests (if desired).

Results can be viewed in real-time and campaigns can quickly and easily be edited making this entire process very quick, easy and transparent.

In Summary

AdEye facilitates guaranteed sales in a transparent environment, connecting advertiser and publisher directly, automating operational functions such as planning, buying, maintaining and reporting to eliminate the complex labor-intensive processes associated with insertion orders.

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Nick Pilo

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Nick Pili

Nick has over 20yrs experience working with multi national brands in the FMCG, Video Games and Advertising Industry.