AdEye unveils publishers marketplace enabling advertisers to place end-to-end direct ad campaigns

Publisher networks, bundle programs, affiliate packages are all great opportunities for advertisers but on occasion wouldn’t it be great if you could have more control over where your ads are placed?

This is now a reality with the AdEye Marketplace where advertisers can browse dozens of publisher websites and drill down into each websites traffic, audience demographics, ad formats, CPM rates (per format) and real-time inventory availability courtesy of AdEye’s unique integration with Google Ad Manager to keep inventory availability in sync.

The AdEye Marketplace takes this one step further to enable advertisers the ability to now place direct end-to-end campaigns.

Advertisers simply choose the website they would like to book a campaign with and immediately click through to a summary page outlining the publishers:

  • Website Overview
  • Audience Demographics
  • Monthly Visitors / Page Views
  • Available Ad Formats and CPM rates

Example Publisher in the AdEye marketplace

Advertisers can then “Add to Cart” formats they prefer and then proceed to plan the campaign

Submitting your campaign offer

This is where the AdEye Marketplace is really intuitive. Based on your ad format selections you can then plan out your campaign by setting budgets, start and end dates and impressions you want to deliver. You can even suggest different CPM rates before submitting your offer to the publisher.

Publishers are them alerted to your campaign offer and can accept, reject or contact you to discuss this, allowing you direct access to communicate with them.

Once your campaign is accepted you can then submit creative and use the AdEye platform to pay for your campaign.

Results can be viewed in real-time and campaigns can quickly and easily be edited making this entire process very quick, easy and transparent. AdEye then will then provide you with campaign reports.

The AdEye platform, whose clients include The Economist, City AM and Dennis Publishing, reduces friction and operational inefficiencies between publisher and advertiser, enabling you to spend more time dedicated to audience discovery. AdEye also ensures advertisers have complete transparency and knowledge their campaigns are being delivered into a brand safe environment.

In Summary

AdEye facilitates guaranteed sales in a transparent environment, connecting advertiser and publisher directly, automating operational functions such as planning, buying, maintaining and reporting to eliminate the complex labor-intensive processes associated with insertion orders.

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Nick Pilo

About the author

Nick Pili

Nick has over 20yrs experience working with multi national brands in the FMCG, Video Games and Advertising Industry.