Maximize Ad Yield with AdEye, the Perfect Compliment to Google Ad Manager

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So you have Google Ad Manager in place and ads are finally pulling through to your website or App without any glitches – great job! Have you received your first Ad Revenue payment yet?

My guess is that that despite serving many thousands or millions of monthly ad impressions the ad revenue you’re receiving from Google is disappointing to say the least. A few cents (or if you’re lucky) a dollar per CPM is hardly enough to positively impact your bottom line.

There is however a way to start making a significant positive impact on your monthly Ad Revenues with Google Ad Manager by complimenting it with AdEye Storefront technology.

AdEye Storefront Technology is free, quick and easy to install and enables you to sell your ad inventory directly from your website or App to maximize your ad revenue yield.

How AdEye Storefront Works

As the ‘storefront’ name suggests, AdEye Storefront enables you to display an ‘advertising’ page on your website or App allowing prospective advertisers to place direct buys with you, thereby guaranteeing them ad placement (which interested advertisers are willing to pay a premium for).

As part of the quick and easy Storefront set up AdEye seamlessly integrates with your Google Ad Manager Account to identify your ad serving history, types of ad units you offer and ad inventory (impressions) you have left available for purchase.

All this information is pulled into a private AdEye dashboard for you to review. You are now guided to identify with easy checkboxes, which Ad Units you would like to display for sale on your ‘advertising page’, and to set your direct CPM dollar values for each of these Ad units.

For each campaign booked through this advertising page linked from your website or App you earn:

  1. Higher CPM rates (than campaigns booked via Google Ad Manager)
  2. Keep 95% of all ad revenues, and
  3. Get paid much faster

Please view below the live AdEye Storefront for Mixed Martial Arts:


You can place your AdEye Storefront ‘advertising’ link in your website or App navigation for prospective advertisers to view (recommended), or keep this as hidden page which you can direct relevant parties to.

(Think of your advertising page as an iframe. It displays your website or App header and footer and the main part of the page is powered by AdEye displaying the ad units and inventory you have for sale).

Keeping Your Ad Inventory in Sync

When advertisers view your AdEye Storefront advertising page they can view in real time how many ad impressions each of your ad units has available for that month. This number of impressions stays in-sync with the Google Ad Manager servers to ensure we guarantee advertisers placement on your website / App.

In fact AdEye takes this one step further and provides advertisers with a future forecast of available inventory to help them better plan for campaigns and for you as the publisher to sell more.

AdEye also provides you the Publisher with the ability to communicate with prospective Advertisers, approve, decline and negotiate on campaigns. You can edit / add additional ad units and amend CPM rates.

How much can I make with AdEye?

Rather than making a few cents on the dollar per CPM via Google Ad Manager, you can now start charging the true worth of your site to maximize your A. Some websites / Apps using AdEye are charging in excess of $2, $5 and in some cases $25 per CPM, but obviously you don’t want to charge yourself out of the market.

We recommend setting conservative pricing to test the worth of your site and reviewing from there. The more popular and valuable your audience demographic the more you can charge. (You can increase your CPM rates at anytime.

With AdEye you now get to keep 95% of all Ad Revenues booked and get paid within x -days of a completed campaign

Earning Additional Revenue via the AdEye Marketplace

Once your AdEye Storefront is in place you will also automatically be featured in the AdEye Marketplace.

The AdEye Marketplace features a summary of AdEye Publishers, their user demographics and CPM rates. We actively promote the Marketplace to Advertisers, Ad Trading Desks and Marketing Agencies. This provides you with further exposure to advertisers and additional opportunities to sell more advertising.


As campaigns are booked you will receive 80% of all Ad Revenues and get paid within x -days of a completed campaign.

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