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How often have you been to an airport where you hear staff ask for passenger-volunteers to give up their tickets for a later flight? Nervously you listen and hope at least one passenger takes up the promise of an additional ‘flight voucher’ or extra ‘air miles’ before airport staff begin randomly calling names and force delays on unsuspecting passengers.

How can this happen? You’ve booked your ticket, received confirmation from the Airline and turned up in plenty of time to make your flight. Sadly this occurrence of Airlines overbooking flights happens daily at every airport coast to coast. There has to be a better way.

This process used to also happen daily in the Advertising Industry and well before Automated Guarantee was introduced. Advertisers used to book campaigns, provide creative and receive booking confirmations only to find out that their campaign didn’t run or only partially ran as they were outbid by another advertiser for that inventory or that the publisher had over sold their inventory. Talk about frustrating.

This is why we created the AdEye Platform to cut out these frustrations guaranteeing a direct ‘automated transaction’ between publisher and advertiser.

This type of transaction most closely mirrors a traditional direct digital sale. The deal is negotiated directly between buyer and seller, the inventory and pricing are guaranteed, and the campaign runs at the same priority as other direct deals in the ad server. The programmatic element of the transaction that AdEye provides, that differentiates it from a traditional direct sale, is the automation of the RFP and campaign trafficking process. *

Via AdEye, advertisers can browse publishers within the AdEye Marketplace, viewing audience demographics, availability of inventory and cost of placing ads on publisher’s websites and Apps. They can even create and plan their own campaign using real-time inventory forecasting.

At this point advertisers can communicate directly with the publisher and even negotiate on proposed media campaigns.

Direct Ad Buys can then be placed view the AdEye Platform with inventory and pricing guaranteed. The advertisers in-house marketing team can then upload creative and set A/B tests (if desired).

Results can be viewed in near real-time and campaigns can quickly and easily be edited making this entire process very quick, easy and transparent.

Automated Guarantee and AdEye now simplifies the entire advertising, booking and delivery process, perhaps the Airlines may follow suit one day.

*Source - Interactive Advertising Bureau

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