1. Publishers maximize Ad Yield with AdEye Storefront

    AdEye seamlessly integrates with Google Ad Manager to create a Storefront of your available Ad Inventory in real time.

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    • AdEye Storefront
      Publisher Benefits

    • No install / set up fees / Free 6-month Trial
    • Identify the types of Ads your website/app displays
    • Set your own CPM rates
    • Place a link to your Storefront on your website / app
    • Advertisers can see how much inventory is available any time
    • Approve / Negotiate directly with Advertisers
    • Campaigns stay in sync with Google Ad Manager
    • Keep 100% of Ad Revenue booked during trial
    • Ad Revenue share moves to 95% once trial is complete
    • Access 1000's of additional new advertisers via the AdEye Marketplace
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Our Publishers

  • The Economist
  • Reed Business Information
  • City AM
  • Global Data
  • Infopro Digital
  • DC Thompson
  • AE3 Media
  • Square Up Media
  • Dynamis
  • AdEye Marketplace

    • Place direct buys and negotiate deals directly with publishers
    • Inventory and pricing guaranteed
    • Easily edit campaigns and view results in real time
    • In-house marketing teams can easily place Ads and upload creative
    • Quick / easy / transparent
    • Browse Marketplace
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  • What is Automated Guaranteed?

    AdEye facilitates guaranteed sales in a transparent environment, automating operational functions such as planning, buying, maintaining and reporting.

    Eliminating the complex labour intensive processes associated with insertion orders.

  • AdEye Marketplace
    Publishers Benefits

    Register for an AdEye Storefront and gain Automatic entry into the AdEye Marketplace

    • Sell your inventory directly to 1000's of existing AdEye advertisers we have searching for Ad placement opportunities
    • Set your own CPM Rates
    • AdEye Tech, complimenting Google Ad Manager will display your available inventory levels
    • New Advertisers place campaigns directly for your website / app
    • Earn 90% of Ad Revenue per campaign booked from marketplace advertisers
    • (This is in addition to revenues you can earn from Advertisers that place campaigns via your AdEye Storefront)
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Publishers Revenue Share Example

Advertiser books a $10,000 Ad Campaign via your AdEye Storefront
You keep 100%, of this $10,000 Ad Revenue during your 6-month trial period.
After the 6-month trial you would earn 95% on campaigns booked, (i.e. on a $10,000 Ad campaign you will receive $9,500).
Advertiser books a $10,000 Ad Campaign via the AdEye Marketplace
You earn 90% of Ad revenue on campaigns booked via the AdEye Marketplace. (From an existing AdEye Advertiser)
On a $10,000 Ad campaign booked you will receive $9,000.

"Working with Adeye has been incredibly efficient for us. The platform is very easy and straightforward to use and it allows us to book and manage campaigns hassle free, freeing up time and resources to focus on other, more custom campaigns.""